Great Ways To Save Money Today – For Men and Women

When it comes to saving money, you have to be a bit creative with your ways. It’s not that you save some money at the end of the month and deposit it in your bank; you have to save a few pennies here and there in order to build up a big amount of saved money. And many of these ways differ on the basis of gender.

For Women-

  1. Don’t fall for ‘SALES’! These are marketing tricks, clothes found in sales are of bad quality and won’t last on you for long, instead invest in some good clothes that’ll serve you for a long time.
  2. Try to save everyday…even if you put $5 every day in your saving bank, you’ll save a lot in the long run. You’d be surprised how less you will miss that money, and the amount you save in a few days.
  3. Put money here and there, for example- in a kitchen, in your cupboard, piggy bank, under the bed and many secret places and forget it. It will help you in over spending the money and once you’ll get the same you’ll be happy and then purchase a great thing which you need at the very same moment.
  4. Try out online shopping, you’ll be overwhelmed by the offers and easiness involved. You can buy everything online, and choose from a never ending variety. It is the best option for women as they don’t have to spare time from their busy schedule of household work to go out as well as you can check and compare the prices and accordingly go for the products.
  5. Make a list before shopping and stick to it no matter what! Do not buy anything else, nor buy the same thing in a large amount.
  6. Organize swap meets; you probably have some clothes you wore once and don’t want to again…the same goes for your friends. Organize a swap meet and exchange those clothes with those of your friends.

For Men-

  1. Using reward points is a creative way to save money in the long run. But don’t over spend to collect more reward points, just shop your usual way and collect reward points slowly but surely.
  2. Buy basic groceries such as eggs, vegetables and fruits from a local store. But buy more fancy dishes from high-end, good quality stores.
  3. Cut on automobile expenses; keep your tires always pumped up as it helps you save a lot of fuel in a small amount of time.
  4. Instead of a car, opt to take the bus or metro. Even a motorcycle is a good choice for a single person.
  5. Select the right plan for you; the right SIM card plan, the right savings bank account etc. All these small factors pile up a huge amount of saved money.
  6. Boys do party a lot and if you really want to save money, then you should control over it. Do party, but in a limited way, once in a month will be OK…

Both men and women can adopt these creative and simple ways and also create their own. There are uncountable places where you can save money; you just need to look carefully…

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