Do Look Matters A Lot? REALLY?

Looks do matter to some extent, both scientifically and physically, attractive and good looking people have had the upper hand in almost all surveys that were conducted on this subject. Good looking people got better responses from people of all age groups. For example, most of you were with Jessie in 2014’s MasterChef US because she was the best looking of the last three…and if not, there are many instances in your life where you chose the best looking person in the group. And you shouldn’t feel disgusted that you judge people by their appearance at first, it’s not only you; almost everyone does it.

Research shows that people of all ages will trust a stranger more if he/she is attractive. All these surveys were conducted on people of all different ages, and the survey was conducted over and over again, the result was same again. To get your answer the easy way, just ask your kids when they go the dentist, do they prefer Mrs. Beautiful or Mr. Not-So-Beautiful.

But this shouldn’t upset you if you think of yourself to be not so attractive. In these surveys, many people trusted people who had proper talking etiquettes and were kind. It not only depends on what you are on the outside, your inside also counts a lot.

Let’s talk about a different type of survey; this survey was conducted on people to check if the colour of your clothes mattered. And guess what, the result showed that people helped the lady when she was wearing red and when the lady came back wearing a white dress, not a single person tried to help her. So, this shows that along with looks, your clothes choice also plays an important role.

Let’s get back to the topic of looks, many surveys also found that attractive people are more socially skilled. This is because if you’re attractive, people seek out to you more, and laughs at your jokes etc. And if you aren’t the attractive type, you should try to develop the qualities a group-person. Such as being funny, intelligent, and being a good listener, like this you’ll be a better person and people would like to have you around them. You should keep an attitude to realize your flaws, and try to correct them. Don’t give too much attention because it will only make you more anxious. Alternatively, you should try to develop new qualities such as being funny, understanding etc. in order to make yourself more accepted in society and by this, you will become more confident today than you were yesterday.

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