Broken Heart And How To Recover From The Heartache?

Love is a beautiful feeling; everybody has experienced it at least once in their lifetime and yet not understood well. Is it infatuation, attraction, lust or attachment? As per the evolutionary psychology and evolutionary biology love is 55% chemical reaction rest; you can call it anything from comfort to convenience.

Scientific theory of love

When you meet somebody new for the first time and feel instantly connected or attracted towards him/ her, it is because of the same structure of serotonin. The couple who falls in love at first sight, their serotonin structure is somehow same and they look at each other as a perfect sex partner or ideal for reproducing healthy children.

Another chemical which is thought to be important in love relations is oxytocin. It is a chemical which is released after orgasm. That means the more satisfying sex; couple does the stronger their relationship gets. It is the same chemical which is released after child birth which is responsible for the mother child love too. Couples with high oxytocin tend to stick together for longer and raise children.

Broken love-relationship

Can these chemicals be responsible for love relationships to be broken? After understanding the love chemicals and how they affect our body and mood, I positively feel YES, this is it. Couple, who is not satisfied sexually, are not able to stay together for long. Either they cheat on each other or make some arrangements or leave each other for different partners. If we understand these chemical reactions and accept it as scientific then I am sure this will certainly help you to regain from heartache too and move on with your life faster with no guilt or anger.

How to recover from a broken heart?

If we understand love scientifically then we don’t feel any anger or guilt. If you and your partner are not fit sexually due to the kind of chemicals your body produces are not your fault and certainly not your partners as well.

Next thing to keep in mind is to find a new partner who is more compatible to you sexually and emotionally. Fallen in love and pretending to be in love is two different things. In this materialistic world, most of the couples pretend to be in love because it suits them socially, but if you really think of love scientifically then you realize love is real.

Because when you are in love, you cannot think of anyone else except your partner and this is proven scientifically. When you are in love your body produces high level of serotonin. You get adrenaline, dry mouth and heart beat faster.

Don’t get mistaken in love

Look at the body language not the words. In love 55% is chemical, 38% is body language and words are only 7%. So my advice to everyone who is looking for true love concentrates more on body language of yours and yours’ partner. Words can be deceiving so don’t fall for it and get cheated by someone who doesn’t have a serotonin of your type.

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