Are You Over Using Your Employees?

Under-staff companies

Unemployment or underemployment both are the big problem which professionals actually face in present days. Unemployment is, no doubt a problem, but underemployment is a bigger problem for most of the competent professionals. Managers want to hire employees with multiple skills so they can make use of them as many places as they require. Due to the recession and lack of funds, many employers and managers tend to use their staff in many different ways so they can cut staff and save money from that.


To cover these staff-cut, employers put more burden on other talented staff, give employees over time or making them work at a stretch, pushing them to the limit. If they are good, they will be able to do all the work, but if they are really good in their work they will find another option promptly. And in a long run, it will be a company’s loss.

Working on a stretch

Treating your employee as a machine or a robot is not healthy in a long run, it affects their ability to work efficiently, they will not be loyal to the company and they might switch jobs or may take options of starting on their own. By working longer hours people tend to get sick and tired that affects their productivity and they get more irritable. The situation can be worse, if it is a creative work then it will certainly cost high to the company.


Gone are the days when employers used to demand work from employees, nowadays it is proven and it is a demand of the market that the way an employee need job in a similar way employers also need good employees. To improve the quality of work, employers have to provide a better working atmosphere for the employees unless they will not be able to provide quality work.

Qualified staff – an asset

Using your employee as a machine is the biggest mistake any employer can do. Workforce or professionals of the company is the biggest asset for any organization. When a competent employee leaves the place it takes away the reputation of the company too. A company who has to employ new workers every single month is always busy in recruitment process only and many times they lose potential clients too. Training a new employee also cost dearly to the company, losing a well-qualified employee is a loss for the company, thus managers and human resource department should make sure that employees should be happy and contended then only the motto of running a firm would be achieved.

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