Are You Dealing With The Tyranny Of An Aggressive Boss?

Most of the people we meet in our day to day life confess that their boss is very aggressive and annoying. And dealing with a boss of this kind can be very annoying and irritating in itself. Mostly, bosses and managers are cruel to you, if they aren’t satisfied with your work, or just don’t like you, or it’s just their way to keep you on your feet. This is one of the many reasons why you should practice professionalism in your office. Because a boss generally over speaks and the employee takes it personally, which is not the way it works out in your professional life. The first rule of dealing with an aggressive boss is to always stay professional. Take criticism with grace, and don’t get too hyped over praise. Just stay moderate and try your hardest to fulfil every task you are assigned. If you do this, your boss will start appreciating your presence more and you’re more likely to keep away from the wraith of your boss.

Understanding what he wants

You should listen to what your boss is trying to make you understand, because he’s doing that for a reason. And once he finishes, you should remember only what he was saying, not how he was saying it! And then divert your attention to the works assigned to you, and this time, do them right; the way you were told. You should try to understand what kind of work your boss likes, and if you cannot do work that way; then you better start looking for a new job because a boss wants work done the way he thinks it is right. You can try speaking to your boss, if you think he is doing something wrong. But try to convince him the right way; showing the negative and positive sides of yours and your boss’ way of doing a certain task.

Don’t be a thin skinned

You should also be able to cope with the criticism as it can last for a few days, or maybe forever, you shouldn’t get all depressed about it. Learn to deal with the scolds and take them as advice and motivation to do better next time. If you are sensitive to such matters, you won’t be able to succeed in your professional life. Bosses like to be bossy (duhh!) and feel superior, which is why you are bound to get scolded over pity things. It’s just bread and butter of work life and you should learn not to get disappointed at yourself after such instants.

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