Are Bosses Paying A Big Price For Their Position?

Everyone is a part of the rat-race

Money makes the world go round and in a corporate sector, everyone is a part of rat-race especially big bosses. They are ready to manipulate, compete, work hard and do every good or bad deed to stay high or reach the highest position. Success is a passion for today’s materialistic younger generation; they want to finish the race as early as possible.

The sunny side of life

However, another aspect of success which is everyone seems to be forgetting is to enjoy that success, to achieve contentment. At the end of the day, everything comes back to leading a fulfilling life. Higher bosses have big responsibilities on their shoulders, they have the authority to answer; they have to keep the company going smoothly, keep their sub-ordinates happier and keep working efficiently. Well, that’s why they are paid a big bunch of cash at the end of every month.

All that glitter is not gold

But the big question is whether it is all worth it. Are they really enjoying this money or position? Do they have any time for their family or their personal recreation? Though, it seems like all they do is sit in their A.C. office and give orders to their co-ordinates but to run everything smoothly as a manager is actually not a piece of cake, it takes years of experience and practice to run an organization.


They are surely losing their personal time, but it again depends on the individual how they manage their time because it all ends up in making a priority list. Managers do get free time in their busy schedule for their personal recreation, all they have to use their managerial skills in their personal life too. Only those who keep their personal life at the back of a priority list they are losing their personal life otherwise it is all possible.

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