What Interviewer Look In You To Hire

What Interviewer Look In You To Hire

Interviewers chiefly look for candidates who are fit for the position and whether they have potential to become an effective employee. They are looking for candidates who have clear vision, positive attitude, depth of knowledge and the ability to look at things in a balanced manner. Apart this, they also look at the moral and ethical value system of an individual concerned with, and how the candidate will be able to make his/her contribution to the industry and the society at large for a long term. It is obvious that all the persons think for their profit also the interviewer does as he/ she is repressing the company or organization and it’s the duty to select the best candidate for the job. No doubt that there are huge candidates may be in lacs are struggling for the same job which you want to opt so you need to groom your overall ability and capacity to defeat all.

Some of the key qualities that you are expected to possess are:

  • Good level of knowledge
  • Best understanding of core concepts
  • Clear thoughts
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Excellent Personality, attitude and manner to react on various situations
  • Thought process in terms of planning


Before getting into the types of questions that you could possibly be asked in an interview, you need to understand that the job of the interview panel is to determine whether you are suitable candidate for the particular job or not. In this regard they may put any question associated with you and can also make you pressurize and check your skills how to tackle out with these tricky questions by you. Whether you may or may not know the answer but you must aware that every interviewer asks questions with a sense of purpose. Make sure you answer every question with sincerity and if you don’t know the answer just say “I am sorry Sir, I am not aware with this or out of my knowledge”. Not doing so could jeopardize your selection prospect.

Some most common questions that are asked in the interview are-

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • About you hobbies and person you like most or your ideal.
  • Why do you want to enter into this organization?
  • What do you know about the organization?
  • Questions related to your previous academic and professional backgrounds.

Since such questions are more and less a certainty, you should prepare them well in advance. Having a ready made answer to these questions will not help you as you could easily falter in the interview. What you better off doing is to have broad reasons which would form the basis for your answers in the interview. This would make your answers look more natural than mugged up answers. Pre-preparation is very vital as if you got the same question which you have already prepared it will be very easier with you to deliver the same. For better preparation you can just sit on the couch and just think what an interviewer can ask about you and all the things related to you. Apart this you can take help of your teacher or internet to check out the various questions normally asked by the interviewer.

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