Importance Of Good Resume At The Time Of Interview

importance of resume at the time of interview

You all must have heard this proverb that “first impression is always be the last impression”. Your resume is the document that plays a very effective role in creating your first impression on the employer’s mind. It speaks a lot about your personality and clearly reflects your character and attitude.  It reflects of what you are, wrinkled or organized, long or precise, boring or interesting, unorganized or structured. A good resume secures your interview in your company.

The main purpose of the resume is to get an interview call. Most of the companies receive a lot of applications from the job seekers. They do not have to interview each and every applicant. Here resume plays a very important role. It gives the employer a glimpse about your personality. The applicants having the effective resume gets the interview call and the employer already gets an impression of the candidate. A good resume can turn the interview positive for the candidate.

Your resume is like a mirror to your personality. It reflects as to what sort of person you are. It gives information about your educational background and your family background. It tells about your skills, ability and achievements. Sometimes the employers look for the experienced person with achievements and skills who could lead to the success of their organization.

To get the expected job depends on to how you have structured your resume. Resume is a like a friend that would get you through many interviews. A well organized and structured resume will make you stand out in the crowd of other job seekers and you can make a positive impression on the interviewer. On the other hand an awfully written resume can take many jobs offer away from you.

Now the question arise as to how to write a good and effective resume that can get you many job offers and could make the interview a success for you. Following are some of the important point that you should keep in mind while constructed your resume. Here are some Interview Tips in regards of resume.

HEADER OF THE RESUME: Do make a clear header of the resume. The header should be clean and simple and it should contain a little and effective information about you. It should contain your email address. Your email address should be simple and professional. It should not like a slang or commercial type like It should give the impression of professionalism and immaturity. Include your current address in the header and add your phone number which is available all the time.

CAREER OBJECTIVE: This is the most important statement of your resume. Being the first paragraph of your resume, it wills create your first impression on the interviewer. Your career objective will answer the question of the interviewer as to why he should hire and what all you can do for his organization. Your career objective should be broad enough as to show that you are open to variety of opportunities and challenges, but it should be clear enough to show that this position fits in your career goals and objectives. You should try to keep your career objective statement short and simple. Keep it as precise as possible.

EDUCATION DETAIL: Do not give the whole educational detail give only the relevant details that are required for the post. Write about your success or achievements only not about your failures. This section can also alter time to time depending on the position’s education requirements.

WORK EXPERIENCE: This is the section that requires most time and attention. Focus on the most relevant experiences. Give details of your experiences in the high school, graduation and post graduation colleges, internship, training, leadership in clubs/ organization, experience in social work and non government organization and the projects that you have did. In this you can proceed with your previous or present company’s name, your work profile, experience and all. All the information should be true and valid so that if company investigates about you then you should not find as a fraud person.

Make the list of work experience and write it in the bulletin format to catch the attention of the interviewers.

SKILLS AND CERTIFICATION: This section shows the additional skills that you have that set you apart from the other candidate. Highlight your technical and professional certification you may have.

STYLE OF FORMATTING: Be simple in the style of formatting the resume. Be consistent. There are no specific rules for the fonts and style of the formatting. But only thing you have to stick to is the consistency and the simplicity.

Last but not the least the resume needs to be arranged in the chronological order so that it has the details of all the activities till date.  Before structuring the resume, one should study a few sample resume. If one is not confident enough, there are many professional templates available online to help one out. One should keep in mind that effectively structuring the resume is the first step towards the one’s success. Therefore it should be drafted flawlessly without any error.

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