Cracking The Interview With Confidence And Take Success With You

Cracking The Interview With Confidence And Take Success With You

The association of people who take interviews form the interview panel. Basically, the interview panel consists of 3 interviewers, one can ask questions related to your personal background, second can ask questions about your academic background and third one can analyze the overall situation of how you are giving answers and your reactions.

The duration of the interview may be vary in between five to forty five minutes. The duration of an interview has no bearing on the final outcome it will be get after some time or day. Also a five minute interview does not mean that you have not done well. Similarly, a forty minute interview does not indicate that you have done very well and the probability to get a job is very high. It will only depend upon your way of giving interview and satisfaction of panel, irrespective of the duration of the interview.

Most interview panels comprises of the H.R and other managers of the company. Sometimes the panel could also include psychologist.


There are some Interview Tips that you, as a job aspirant, need to keep in mind and prepare in mind before taking the interview.

  1. DRESS CODE: As interview is a formal occasion, you are expected to be dressed for the occasion. Men should wear a freshly ironed formal full sleeve shirt and trouser, polished formal shoes (black or brown), belt and a tie (knotted properly). Do not forget to sport a ‘clean look’ on the day of the interview. Don’t go with fierce deodorant use mild only. Women can wear salwar kameez /saree/and Formal Shirt and Pants and hair should be neatly plait or tie so that it should not look bad or unethical way. The bit about formal shoes applies to you too. Of course, sandals meant for formal occasions are fine.
  2. ENTRY INTO THE INTERVIEW ROOM: You may be asked by one of the panel members or one of their assistants to enter the room. At the door, ask for the permission to enter “may I come in, sir/madam?” Relax control. Don’t be in a hurry to rush to the table. Greet the panel (using the appropriate salutations) with a smile. On being asked d to sit down, thank them.
  3. SITTING POSTURE: Sit comfortably in the chair with the right posture. Do not bend too much so that it looks bad be straight and look confidently into the eyes of the interviewer. Your arms should lie on armrest of the chair or on your lap. The folder that contains your certificates and other documents should be kept on your lap, and not on the table. Remember, the table belongs to the panel. Avoid posture that reflects the casual attitude. For instance, avoid walking the chair or placing one leg horizontally over the other leg. Members of the interview panels are experts who can easily spot the inconsistency between what you are saying and what your body language conveys. Use gesticulation. Lean a little forward to show the panel that you are interested in what they are saying/ asking. In doing so do not lean or rest your arms or elbows on the table.
  4. LANGUAGE TO BE USED: Use formal language. You can speak both in English as well as in Hindi. If you are well versed in English then speak in English only. Some of us have the habit of missing English with the vernacular. Avoid doing this in the interview. Do not use slang. Use short sentences that convey the meaning of what you wish to say. Avoid using complicated sentences and long drawn-out explanations.
  5. CONDUCT INSIDE THE INTERVIEW ROOM: Listen carefully and attentively to the questions asked. If you are unable to express the meaning you can say “SORRY” to the panel or unable to hear the question request the panel member to clarify/ repeat the question. Always speak in a slow, measured tone in a manner that everyone in the panel is clearly able to hear and understand what you are trying to say. Don’t speed up to give back the answers so that it looks like you are passing the answer to the interviewer like a train speed. Just be quiet for a few moments to collect your thoughts and then answer politely. Maintain eye contact with the panel all the times, convey a pleasant disposition to the interviewers and keep your face to be smile. remember there will be a certain amount of nervousness when you go for an interview. But, you have to take care that such nervousness does not get the better of you.


Follow the above steps and you will surely get the job, name and fame for sure.

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