Simplest Yet Elegant Hairstyles For The Monsoon Season

How important it is for you to maintain your hair, to keep it beautiful and silky? You may take efforts to have long and fizzy hair, but, at certain times you fail and hence for you it won’t possible to try out new and innovative hairstyles that can give you a complete, unique and perfect look. Like seasons show us its different views and feel, being a stylish human we can also change our overlook from tip to toe. Monsoon started knocking the door, so why don’t we now try out some mind-blowing hairstyles that will suit your attire as well as season and will make you feel good and ready to go out in monsoon. A new and gorgeous hairstyle will always be an option that you can try in monsoon and will ensure you that your hair will be maintained and will not get dry during the season. Do not forget to try different variations with your hair and make various innovative hairstyles. Below are 3 best and simple hairstyles that you can try in monsoon.

Simplest Yet Elegant Hairstyles For The Monsoon Season

Simplest Yet Elegant Hairstyles For The Monsoon Season

Side Ponytail Fall


This hairstyle is one of the simplest and most elegant looking hairstyle that you can try on this monsoon. For Side Ponytail Fall, all you need to wash your hair with the shampoo of your choice and do not forget to use a conditioner to make your hair soft and managed. This will enable you to make the ponytail without any issue. You can keep the ponytail to your left or right side which will give a soft and cozy look. Just take all your hair to one side mostly left side is preferred and tie it nicely with a tight rubber band. Keep the bottom of hair as a fall and enjoy the look. You can also try up some variations in it and can make high, low or medium ponytails with different styles.

Hair Bun


The most comfortable and simple looking hairstyle is a Hair Bun in which you can tie your hair like a fluffy ball which looks very sweet and beautiful. For this hairstyle you don’t have to be very particular about using shampoo and conditioner. A Bun is rough in look which gives bold attire. Bun can be made with your own choice. Either you can let your hair fall on your face or you can tie your entire hair. Just take all your hair and tie it as a bun with any rubber band, clutches or bobby pins.



Braiding hairstyle is in for all seasons and any you can try any type of braiding in which you feel comfortable. Braiding your hair is an art and once you have your hand set in the braid, then you can try any braid. For the monsoon season you can go for any braid say French braid, fish braid, simple braid etc. Braiding looks decent in straight as well as curly hair. Take sections of your hair and start braiding it to get set in the attire.

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