Simple Yet Prominent Tricks To Groom Your Elbows And Knees

Ignored elbows and knees might abash you if you suddenly have to wear short sleeves or short dress. Elbow and knee skin gets dirty very easily as well as one can easily find it dark and since it doesn’t have oil glands.

Few important points that I want to highlight in context with elbows and knees grooming, here are:

Inculcate Good Habits

People have habits of sitting with their elbow on their office/ school desk or while eating they put their elbows on the table. If table is not perfectly clean, it may leave dust on your elbow. First try to change this habit, avoid keeping your elbows on the desk or arm of your chair that will help in keeping them clean. At the same time, many people kneel down while doing work, which is also a big culprit in making your knees darker and dirtier.

Keep Them Moist And Supple

Another reason for elbow and knees to get darker and dirty is that people generally ignore them as they are not easily seen to them but they forget that it is easily seen by others. Elbows and knees don’t have oil glands thus they get dry and darker. To avoid this, you should keep them oily and moist. After taking a shower, remember to put some moisturiser or olive oil on them and cover them with some cotton bands.


Exfoliate the rough skin of elbow and knees everyday, especially if you wear short dresses and short sleeve shirts. You can buy any good scrubber from market or make it at home. Use sugar and olive oil together to make a good mixture. And rub it gently over the elbow and knees and wash it off later with clean water.

Massage the area

Massage the knees and elbows with any good oil such as olive, coconut or almond oil at night. You can even use any night cream or any moisturizer too. In the morning, rub half a lemon to remove dirt from the area. Lemon even helps in exfoliate the rough skin and dark patches as it is a good bleaching agent too.


Needlessly to say, follow arm and legs exercise to keep them in shape. Though these are bones, but near these areas generally obese people get a thick layer of fat which leads to folds near elbows and make them look bulgy and ugly. Due to extra fat on these areas people find it difficult to keep them clean and that leads to unattractive elbows and knees.

 Don’t forget to beautify your elbows and knees as they are equally important as your face. Use all the suggestive tips and get great appearance.

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