Precautions To Take While Making Tattoos- Before And After

You can get a new tattoo is a matter of hours, but remember that it won’t come out in a matter of ours; it will become your identity and will stay on with you forever. For some people, getting a tattoo is a bad idea and they opt to never get one. But for others, it is a way of defining themselves and it is a way you remember your past when you’re a bit older. But tattoos aren’t 100% safe; many precautions have to be taken before, while and after getting a tattoo done. And if you don’t stay cautious, many infections and diseases are awaiting you.

Before making a tattoo

Before having your tattoo done, you should research which studio is the best in town. It is better to go to the best one as you don’t want to take any chance while getting a tattoo. Cleanliness and professionalism is the first thing you are looking for. Remember, if proper hygienic steps aren’t followed by the tattoo artist, you can be the prey of many diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis etc. You also can be prone to a number of deadly infections.

Also, you want your tattoo artist to be a real artist who can ink you with whatever you want, and do it nicely, a good, beautiful and visually appealing tattoo. And if you are planning to get a big tattoo, it is better to make more than one appointment, and get it done in steps.

After making a tattoo

After you get a tattoo, the artist will cover it with a bandage. The reason to cover it is to prevent airborne bacteria to attack it and make it a ground of breeding. Don’t take off the bandage for at least 4 hours. After you remove the bandage, it is essential to wash the tattoo thoroughly with an antibacterial soap to remove all the blood, plasma or ointment that may be on the tattoo. After wash, don’t use a towel or cloth, use your hands.

Then you should apply an ointment on the tattoo. You should choose an ointment with Vitamin A and D to nourish the wound.

Regular Care for tattoo

You should apply a simple ointment on the tattoo to keep the skin soft. Also, for a month you should only bath with shower, and not let soap sit on the tattoo. Wash the soap as soon as possible with water. UV rays don’t like tattoos, keep the tattoo covered or apply sunscreen. Clothes shouldn’t touch or rub the newly made tattoo for some weeks, this can cause irritation.

Use these preventive measures and go great with your wonderful tattoo forever…

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