Lined Eyes: Uplift You Eyes And So Your Overall Beauty

Eyes- the most alluring and noticeable part of our body which needs the peerless care and makeup for grooming. If you think you are not a pro in grooming your eyes, then don’t worry here are a few tips, if followed you can make over your eyes well while sitting at home.



Are you unable to put a liner in a pro and proper manner over your eyes? This problem may occur with every second girl. What you can do in that case must know from the below solution.


If you are applying eye makeup, then the very first thing which you need to execute is “TO MAKE A SKETCH”. By using a pencil you can make a rough line and then start applying liner accordingly. This will make a straight line and smudge-free. Try up you’ll get the results as I got J


At the end of the day under my eyes, a black patch of liner ink looks so bad and makes eyes’ around blackish.


Set you aside with over applying of liner on the bottom lid, as with this, your eyes will look smaller (as per the expert comments) as well as later end of the day you’ll get a black patch under the eye which will be hard to remove even by using a make remover.

For the best results- the implementations of lower define eye liner will be the ultimate option. You can have a light pencil or liquid eyeliner which can be removed easily without annoying you.


All the time when, few times later my liner smudge under the eye. Why it always happens and how to stop this?


Due to extreme hot or poor quality of the liner can be the reason of smudge. Not to be the victim of the same it is better to go with the best quality liner which should be all weather proof, especially water. Good and branded liner will make your eyes look good as well as it is safe to use.

Undoubtedly, you’ll get the best and catchy eye looks by adopting these few steps. For sexier look just use the best gel or liquid liners PLUS by applying 2-3 coats of lengthening black mascara. Try it by yourself!

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