How Often Your Precious Hair Should Be Washed?

Washing your hair is essential and should be done every once in a while. But many stylists say that washing your hair excessively with shampoo can damage it, and this statement is true to some extent. Because, shampoos contain substances like water, fragrances, foaming agents and ‘detergents’, these detergents wash away the dirt off your hair, but also wash away the natural oils of your hair. Once your hair loses its natural oils, it becomes brittle, dry and thin. This causes your hair to become damaged and less manageable.

How often hair can be washed?

Proper hair and scalp care mean to wash your hair as per the need. You should not over wash it. The number of times you should wash your hair depends on its texture, strength and growth rate. The climate and water, also plays a big role in this matter and you should wash your hair according to these factors. So, people with dry or normal hair should wash their hair once or twice every week, but if you have oily hair, then you should wash it probably more times. You should wash your hair to remove excess dirt and oils. You must know that people with course or curly hair don’t have to wash their hair frequently, because hair oils don’t migrate down the hair strands easily. On the other hand, people with fine, straight hair might have to wash their hair several times a week, or maybe every day.

Using natural products

If you feel the need to wash your hair daily, then instead of using shampoo every day you should try some natural cleaning agents such as henna, amla (Indian Gooseberry). These natural cleaning agents are not very harsh on the hair and also provide the required nutrients. If you use these, you won’t have to shampoo every day and still your hair will be clean and healthy. You should also massage your scalp with coconut oil or herbal oil as this improves blood circulation in that area, which results in better and healthier hair.

Know your hair type

So, next time you go to your hair stylist or doctor, you should ask him/her how many times you should wash your hair based on your hair’s type and condition. The stylist will definitely help you by recommending some practices, products etc. that will suit your hair and help its present condition. And if you don’t understand something, don’t hesitate to ask as it is the stylist’s job to give you advice, and educate you if you don’t understand correct procedure.

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