Kanya West And London’s Wireless Festival: What Has Happened?

Kanya West is used to getting adulation from the crowd and his fans whenever he performs on stage despite his offensive language that sometimes borders on insults.  However, when he recently performed at London’s Wireless Festival, despite the fact that he was billed on the top by the festival authorities, the London crowd could not bear his garish language and some of them left in the middle of the performance. It is becoming a fashion for the singers and particularly Rap singers to dress in outlandish clothes and talk in language laced with expletives.  Maybe they think that this way they get more attention from their fans or crowd.

The 37 years old singer is married to the reality star Kim Kardashin, and is famous for his feud with the press and also some of the companies whose brands he sponsors.  He had a lot to say about Nike, though he had a long relationship with the brand he recently went over to their rivals Adidas because he was offered more compensation.  He also had a lot to say about the fashion brand Louis Vuitton as well.

West had something special to say about the press, particularly paparazzi.  He accused them of signaling him out as a target because he is an African American.  His special grouse was that the press and those who run fashion brand advertisement think that he is stupid.  In the past he got into scuffles with some photographers and reporters.

After this long tirade laced with many curse words, Kanye West finally set down to singing his famous songs, Stronger, Cold, Diamonds From Sierra Leone, Heartless and Jesus Walks. He launched into his track Clique and showed his softer side when he sang Runaway/If you Love Someone Tonight, which has whispers from Kim Kardashin.

The three day festival is held simultaneously in London and Birmingham this weekend.  It also featured Pharrell Williams, who had an hour long performance, which included Get Lucky.  West is also going to take the place of the Canadian rapper Drake, who had to drop out because of illness. He is going to play again on Saturday night at Drake’s place.  The other singers who performed at the Wireless were Tinie Tempah, Iggy Azalea ad Basement Jaxx.  Some more singers who are also going to take part in Wireless this year are Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke, Salt-N-Pepa, Ellie Goulding and Naughty Boy.

The Wireless Festival goes on for three days; the fans who came to listen at Finsbury Park faced some trouble getting there because the tube station that is nearest to the venue was closed for maintenance work and the fans had to take different routes to reach the place.

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