Gadgets And Gizmos Around You

Gadgets and Gizmos

Gadget is something known as “unusual”. It refers to a device that performs a distinct function. People often infer that a gadget is a tool for entertainment but this is not the case as these days’ gadgets also offer convenience and security. On the other hand, a “Gizmo” is something, which performs a particular task in new and efficient way. The main features of modern day gadgets are:

  1. Portability & Mobility: Gadgets these days are portable and mobile that makes them user friendly and facilitates users.
  2. Cheap to Run: Modern day gadgets are also very cheap to run; these run through battery, which again is charge through very less power consumption.
  3. Easy Compatibility: Modern day gadgets are very compatible in the sense that they connect with computers etc to facilitate transfer of data.
  4. Multiple Features: Modern day Gadgets and Gizmos come with multiple features in the sense that voice, picture, calendar etc almost all the principle features are now available in one single device.

Let us look at some modern day Gadgets and Gizmos and understand as to how they are impact our day-to-day lives:

  1. Bluetooth: One can transmit data in the form of pictures, drawings, worksheets etc through Bluetooth. The use of Bluetooth is to connect laptops, mobiles, TVs, cameras with each other.
  2. Smart Phones: Smartphone is a type of gadget that has a large number of users, now not only can we speak on phone and exchange messages but also now modern day features like conferencing, camera, video, voice recorder, chat messenger; internet etc that is enabled from smart phone itself.
  3. USB Based Gadgets: USB based gadget is a low cost devices that is used to efficiently store tons of data. The basic advantage of this device is that data can be stored, transferred and copied from one destination to another.
  4. I Pods: This particular gadget is becoming increasingly popular these days especially among those people who have flavor for music. Different companies are now manufacturing I pods in different ranges and are attaching certain other utilities like radio etc with it.
  5. CCTV Cameras: We also call this particular gadget a spy camera; it has the basic utility that it can keep a check as per one’s direction. For example if you are sitting in one particular compartment/cabin then you can keep an eye as to what is happening in other particular cabin through this device.
  6. Watches: Watches now come with multi functional devices, apart from telling us the time this gadget has various other functions like alarm, voice recorder, stop watch, timer etc

 These days the electronic industry is booming with these modern day gadgets and there are companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Dell etc are frontrunners in manufacturing these gadgets. There is intense competition and a race among these companies to give best possible products to their customers’ at best affordable prices. Moreover, the intense competitions among these companies give a chance to customers wherein they can unlock maximum value at best prices from a product.



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