Toy Making- A Lucrative Career Prospect

Toys are loved by anyone and everyone. Right from a one month old child to the elder-lies they are a favorite  among all. There are many different types of toys. Whereas some are soft and cuddly; some of them are action packed and adventurous games; while many others are miniature collectibles of different action heroes. Hence the number of toys is increasing and so is the demand for toy makers. With the onset of offbeat careers, toy making or toy designing is also a career opted by many people.

There is lots of scope for this career in the market. Toys are a fusion of creativity and science. Most toy makers design their toys– either by sketch or by computer graphics. After it is approved it is made into a model and after its success a real toy is made and sold in the markets. The pay package for the already established designers can go up to lakhs per month. While for the fresher’s it is a bit low at the starting time and it is rise up in accordance with the experience and creativity. In fact it is a good option if one would like to start off as an intern and then progress in life.

There is no specific qualification required for this career other than a degree in the field of designing. After hailing from a science background in school one can opt for an interior designing course, or a graphic designing course or even a course in cartooning. For scientific and sophisticated toys a degree in engineering would be an added attribute. The person should also be aware of marketing skills and basic computer knowledge coupled with good command over the English language is a must. Also if you are opting for this career your art and creativity skills is must and should be in a good manner.

In fact many special educators, psychologists, teachers and nursery trainers take special courses in toy making. Their ideas and their knowledge in training students and children with the help of toys can have remarkable effects on them. They can put in their concepts and create such toys which the children would be able to comprehend and through which they would be able to learn things in a fast manner. Though they are not specialized toy designers but they can also be attributed as toy makers for special purposes.

As said earlier that the remuneration is high for the established people. The fresher’s earn less but with time, experience and their work efficiency their pay scale can also increase.  There are many people who work as freelancer’s in this field also. Many maintain a full time job and in their free time to make toys as a freelancers. Though they do not have a specific remuneration their payment depends on their creativity and unique concepts. They can even make lac of money for a single project.

Thus, toy making or toy designing is a flourishing career which can be used in many ways. Toys are the best way of imparting knowledge and values to the children. Thus, designing them is a noble cause and it sure puts one’s creativity and originality to test. But in the end it brings a smile on the creators face when they see children playing with their toys and they are happy to have your made toys.

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