Tips To Survive In The Government Exams

Tips To Survive In The Government Exams

Preparing for the government exams is a tough task indeed and exerts lot of stress on the mind and body as well. To survive during the exam season requires balance among various factors in our daily routine. Door slamming, tantrums, sleepless nights etc are the adverse effects of the stress during the preparation of the exams. To avoid the stress one should adopt healthy eating habits, 6 to 8 sleeping hours and a proper study habit.

When you are studying for the government exams, you can get into the habit of glugging coffee and eating too many chips and other snacks, because you do not want to waste time on the preparation and cooking. But this may prove out to be unhealthy. Good nutritious food should be your priority during the exams because it will help you to ace the tests. To know How To Clear Government Exams or other competitive exams check out below.

Some of the habits that you may include in your diet are:

  • Eat at regular intervals. It will keep the energy level stable.
  • Eat fruits such as bananas and blueberries.
  • Smart snacking enhances the study.
  • Drink ample of water. It will keep you hydrated.
  • Include lot of vitamins and protein in your food.

One should try to take proper six to eight hours sleep during the exam preparation. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious disorders such as feeling physically and mentally tired, Grumpiness and irritability. A person who sleeps less is vulnerable to depression. There is reduction in the ability to do simple and monotonous task and to think vulnerably and logically. A tired mind cannot memorize things. Students may suffer from insomnia during the exam preparation but they should try to stay cool and calm to reduce anxiety and thus should try to avoid sleepless nights.

With the proper diet and sleep, a proper study habit may help the student to survive in the exam preparation season. Following are some of the study habit that may help you to study smartly

  1. PREPARE A TIME TABLE: The prerequisite for success is to prepare a time table. There should be a clear vision of what part of syllabus you want to complete in the day. In other words, I could say that before starting your preparations for the exam it is vital that go and decide your goal and target first. After analyzing the same you need to make a flowchart of your doings.
  2. PREPARE GOOD NOTES: Prepare notes of the chapter that you are studying or you may also buy or get the notes that may prove helpful during the last time preparation. Be ready with the quick notes at the time of exams and jot down all important points, formulas and other things which you are forgetting again and again.

3. REVISION: Go for frequent revisions as this is the only key you will remember each and every attributes. It is must that students after accomplishing the whole chapter or any topic should revise it again. Without revision you will definitely forget everything and you will mess up all the answers of yours.

4. PRACTICE WRITING: Read many kinds of concept from daily newspapers, magazines and other publications so that you would be aware of their writings and imagination. You can trace out so many best of their writings and do some creativity like them.

5. GROUP STUDIES: Gather some friends of your for preparing for the same exam and study as well as discuss all in a particular topic so that you can make study interesting and this practical approach will make you to remember the important things.

6. HAVE PATIENCE: Just as rolling stone gather no moss and we should be patient to wait for the positive outcome. For getting success there is no shortcut. You need to keep up good work and results will be the best.

7. POSITIVE MINDSET: At last you need to remember about 5 P’s to have a great success in the exam and that is- Patience, Positive Attitude, Practice and Preparation. Have these positive vibes around you and don’t worry about the success if you are right in your own place you will definitely get success for sure.

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