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Quantitative Aptitude Problem? We Have Some Tips For You

Quantitative Aptitude Problem- We Have Some Tips For You

Quantitative Aptitude Problem- We Have Some Tips For You

During IBPS PO exam, Quantitative aptitude has 40 questions on different topics like time and distance, profit and loss, discount, work, percentile, share, data interpretation and much more. Quantitative aptitude is the trickiest section so you need more attention in it and must have proper strategically approach.

Quantitative Aptitude For IBPS:

 Below is chapter wise importance status of each chapter:

  1. Number system- HIGH
  2. Number  series- HIGH
  3. Percentage partnership and share- HIGH
  4. Simplification and approximation- HIGH
  5. Average- LOW
  6. Ratio and proportion- LOW
  7. Time and work- LOW
  8. Profit and loss- HIGH
  9. Simple and compound interest- LOW
  10. Time, distance and speed- LOW
  11. Permutation and combination- HIGH
  12. Data interpretation- HIGH
  13. Mensuration- LOW


IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Tips:

  • For quantitative section, one requires basic knowledge of approximation and calculation. If this part is strong, you can easily mark the right option.
  • Memorizing formulas and its application is must.
  • Apart from this, what you need is speed. It’s not beneficial if you know all the fundas, questions etc but can’t complete your test on time.
  • You should also have basic knowledge of each chapter and mathematics of 8th standard and above.
  • One should definitely know the “BODMAS” rule for simplification and calculation. BODMAS rule tells the right sequence for solving arithmetic problems. “B” in BODMAS means “bracket”. Similarly “o” is for “of”, “D” is for “division”, “M” is for “multiplication”, “A” is for “addition” and “S” is for subtraction. One should solve the problem in this sequence only. In layman’s language, priority to solve is given below-
  1. ()
  2. {}
  3. []
  4. Of
  5. Division
  6. Multiplication
  7. Addition
  8. Subtraction
  • Question on number system are very important questions in this section. In this part, a series is given and the candidate has to find the missing number represented by “?”. The series follows a pattern. You should practice more and more questions on number system with different patterns and once this sort of question will encounter then must input all the patterns which you have learnt and practiced before.

For example the answer for series “1, 2, 4, 8, 16, ?” is 32.

  • Do practice quantitative aptitude sample paper or test paper of last 10 to 15 years. More you do practice, better will be the result.

All The Very Best Guys!!!

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