Methods And Attributes To Prepare For UGC NET Exams

Methods to Prepare For UGC NET Exams

The university Grants Commission or UGC is conducting the National Eligibility Test or NET for recruitment and appointment of Assistant Professors in universities and colleges. UGC NET Exam 2013 is going to be held on 30 June 2013 and UGC NET Results 2013 will be announce soon after exam.  For taking the NET exam the minimum qualification is any Master’s degree with 55 per cent marks at least. For SC/ST candidates’ 50 per cent marks is enough for them to take the exam.  This article will give you some tips to you on the methods to take the National Eligibility Test or NET which is conducted by UGC in simple terms and with some basic preparation techniques.

The UGC NET exam is a highly competitive one with many candidates from all over India takes this exam. You should not take the exam as just another exam. You should be well versed in the theory knowledge as the question papers will be in objective type. If you prepare for the UGC NET exam in an efficient manner then you can easily pass the exam easily provided you prepare in a way by practicing the model papers to answer the questions on the prescribed time for each paper. You should be proficient in the subject.

Paper -1 (General Paper on Teaching and Research Aptitude)

In the main paper -1 your knowledge and skills in Teaching and Research will be tested. The skills to learn the knowledge of the subject, reasoning, employing of methodological reasoning will be decided in paper-1.

The paper -1 will cover following topics 1.   Teaching talent, 2. Research talent, 3. Reading ability, 4. Communication, 5. Reasoning, 6. Logical reasoning, 7. Data interpretation, 8. Information and communication technology, 9. People environment, 10. Higher education System governance. In this 60 questions out of which 50 questions to be attempted and maximum marks for this will be 100.


The syllabus for this paper is huge. You should get full and comprehensive knowledge on every feature. For that you have to read the subjects in a sincere manner. You have to keep pace with current events, practicing to read and recognize the questions and have to find answers in a matter of time. You have to do Mock test practices on a regular basis. Try multiple choice questions and reading the subject from the basic is important. Though they are many books available it would be better if you follow the standard books.

Paper -2& 3

These question papers will be based on the selected subjects as per you. In this you must have basic and comprehensive knowledge of the subject you have selected.  Since the question paper will be more complex and in-depth you have to prepare on the angle of competitiveness. Revise the subjects on a regular basis. Prepare a plan for each paper and allocate time. Try to complete one chapter per week and try model question paper on a daily basis. By taking mock tests you will familiar to speed reading, understanding of the subject etc. apart from acquainted with the answers from time to time. Focus on your strong and weak areas and try to plug the gap by focusing your attention on the subjects where you are getting low marks. Paper-2 will be of 100 marks and you will get 50 questions which all will be compulsory to perform by the candidates. In paper-3rd you will get 75 compulsory questions and the total marks for it will be 150.

This article is a small help to you for preparing the UGC NET exams. This is not enough but will try to give some understanding for making you the grade in the exams. All the best and be the future lecturers.

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