Love Cricket??? Make Your Career In Cricket

How to become a Cricketer-

How To Be A Cricketer

Want to know how to be a cricketer??? In this article, I am providing you a few tips that would assist you to make your career in cricket.

Follow these five basic steps towards your career as a cricketer

1. Gather the required equipment

2. Join the local cricket club

3. Find a team to play with

4. Watch matches

5. Focus

To assist you further in accomplishing your dream to make a career in cricket, I am also providing you the details of the steps I have mentioned above.

Gather The Required Equipments:

The first step of how to become a cricketer is to gather the equipments required in the game. You will want a basic trio of gloves and pads beside a helmet and bat. If you’re a wicket keeper you will be able to purchase a trio of special webbed wicket keeping gloves because the wicket keeping pads doesn’t seem to be necessary. Cricket shoes are not mandatory as most players wear any trainers with a firm grip. Alternative accessories, like thigh and arm pads, inner batting gloves are not mandatory. You will additionally want cricket whites.

Join The Local Cricket Club

Find your native cricket club and determine if they’re running a weekly men/women’s cricket coaching course or not. Check to ascertain, if they need an Associate in Nursing adequate ground and one or two cricket nets.

Find a team to play with

Find a team. Have a look and so attend the tryouts. If you begin enjoying for his or her team, this can improve your career

Watch matches

Watch county/international matches. Try to purchase tickets for a neighborhood match. This can assist you see the various techniques of the professional players.


If you’re a slugger pay limitless time perfecting every move and with bowlers pay hours practicing pace or spin. Cricket is all regarding determination.

Scope Of Cricket

Previously, people had the thinking that if their son don’t get likelihood to play within the cricket team, then he will not be able to earn abundant, however, currently there square measure of more opportunities. The range of domestic matches in a number of domestic groups has also magnified with time. An honest quantity of cash and respect is often attained by an athlete if he gets likelihood to play in massive domestic tournaments. If  after such training you would not able to select for national or international matches then don’t think that your career and all those efforts gone. You can try to be a cricket coach in colleges or schools or in local cricket clubs and can earn good amount of money.

Scope for junior cricketers

There has been increasing scope for cricket players at junior level too. The amount of lay to rest school cricket matches are magnified in many countries in India and that they are obtaining smart exposure. There are several underneath nineteen and underneath twenty-one tournaments in India and conjointly underneath nineteen groups are planning to play cricket in a different country.

Scope for cricketers once the beginning of IPL in India

After the beginning of IPL in India, the scope of cricket is magnified additionally for domestic cricketers. There additional earning in IPL then international cricket and if a player gets likelihood to play he not solely gets likelihood to earn cash, however, conjointly get the chance to be selected for the country if he performs well.

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