Ethics At Workplace: Ending Of Corruption…

Ethics is an important part of human life, it makes us complete. Today’s society is full of conflict, crime, dishonesty and corruption.  If we want to end corruption and want more speedy and accurate working process; we must start practicing of ethics at our work place.

How do we decide our course of action? Do we observe our decision making process? What is it that makes us “to do” or “not to do” something when we are in confusion? How do we decide whether our action is right or wrong? The answer to these questions is “Ethics”.

Ethics generally means the best moral judgment about what is good and what is bad. Ethics is the branch of philosophy; it deals with code of values which guides our course of actions throughout the life.  Future of human beings depends on what kind of ethics current society possesses.

Importance of ethics at work place-

1.      Security:

The practice of ethics at work brings security among co-workers. It creates healthy environment and helps to build good relationships. When a mind feels complete security it works best of it.  Security is also a base of creativity; you can be creative only if you feel secure.

2.     Increasing Profits:

Ethics at work place makes healthy environment, it also helps to feel secure and to be creative. This helps to increase profit whether you work at corporate world or in private business, increasing profit is a primary and important task.

3.     Speed and Accuracy in Work:

Ethics at work place builds good rapport with the seniors and co workers. It helps to build trust among each other and not for the sake of money or duty but to keep that trust and that relationship one automatically increases the speed and accuracy in work. It also helps to develop the organization.

4.     Attracts People:

When people come to know that certain organization practice ethic of a high standard it inevitably attracts them. It helps to increase profit, popularity and image of the organization in the society. People respect and trusts to an organization that cares a lot about ethics. Ethics is a part of human life, it makes us complete. To be completely ethical in every action is the goal of our life. People get attracted towards only who helps to complete his goal of life.

5.     Reduces corruption:

According to Transparency International, Global Corruption Barometer (2010)– Over 12 months, one in four people pay bribe to the other party when they came into contact with one of nine institutions and services. From health to education to tax authorities this most disgraceful thing happens. If ethics bring security it means what is not ethics will bring insecurity. The corruption is against ethics and hence it will bring insecurity. An insecure mind is not capable of being creative and it cannot be happy at all. If the employee will notice this dangerous degeneration he will not be indulging in activities of corruption. Also, practicing ethics brings pride and confidence in the employee. It increases accountability and transparency of the organization.

Practicing ethics do not only improve life of employees, it also helps to improve social standards of living. Ethics, not for the employer, business and not for the society, but one should practice ethics for one’s peace of mind, to be creative and to retain life happily.

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