English Language Problem? Here Is The Solution!!!

English Language Problem- Here Is The Solution!!!

English Language Problem- Here Is The Solution!!!

Many students have problems with English section part of competitive exams. It is one of most scoring sections, but still many candidates score the least in this part. Here are some tips and tricks for those students who have problem in English Language part.

English Language Section for IBPS

IBPS PO Exam English language or IBPS Clerk Exam English language section is one of the scoring sections in any sort of competitive exams. This section is of 40 marks. As the candidate gets less time to solve this section, a candidate must be good in vocabulary, rules of grammar, its usage and reading comprehension. For testing the vocabulary, questions are made on synonyms, antonyms, idioms, phrases etc.

Spotting the error type questions will contain questions having error related to article, tense, verb, preposition, modals etc.

The sentence completion part contains question in which a sentence is missing and you have to complete the sentence in the most appropriate way. This checks your grammar along with vocabulary. Thus you must sound good in vocabulary and grammar part and once you will perfect in this part you can easily solve the problems in a very less duration of time.

IBPS English Language Tips

  1. Vocabulary is very important for such type of exams containing English Language section. It’s the need for almost every competitive exam so one should read newspaper, magazine, books regularly and must note down & learn new words every day. Not only this, good memorization and its use must also be there.
  2. For spotting the errors type questions, you must know the rules of grammar and its usage. Try to solve more and more questions from previous year question papers and English Language Sample Papers. This will surely support you to gain confidence in grammar part and that’s the perfect way to solve such questions.
  3. For completing the sentence, read the sentence carefully and catch its tone. After that, first put your own sentence in the blank and then check the closer option from the given option. This will help you all in identifying the correct option. If the sentence makes sense after filling your option, go ahead and proceed in the same way for other questions too.
  4. You should practice to arrange the jumbled sentences in correct order; this is the most important question which always comes in the competitive exams.
  5. For reading comprehension part, your understanding skills should be high. You can use the elimination method too in this part.

Just do practice and get better command over English.

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