Distance Learning Programs For The New Generation

distance learning program

Distance learning education program is a kind of education in which to the students are not physically present in the classroom but instead virtual classrooms are created. Distance learning provides student the access to education when the university and the student are far away from each other. The students just have to appear in the examination and that’s too online.

The advent of technology and the use of computer and internet have made distance learning easier and faster. Technology today has created virtual schools and virtual universities that deliver full course online. There are many private and public institutions worldwide that offer distance learning courses. In India also distance learning program is becoming popular and more and more students are moving towards the online education.

Distance Learning Programs In India

India also has a number of institutions that provides distance learning education. The students that cannot attend the college because of some reason or the other can take admission in the distance learning programs in any of the best college. There are many well renowned universities that provide distance education and the surety of job after that. Most of the top universities in India select candidates on the basis of the online test whereas some other universities take admission simply on the basis of the merit of the student. Top ten of these universities are:

  1. Indira Gandhi national open university
  2. Annamalai University
  3. Osmania University
  4. Sikkim Manipal University
  5. Nalanda Open University
  6. Symbiosis centre of distance learning
  7. University of Madras
  8. Mahatma Gandhi University
  9. Karnataka state Open University
  10. ICFAI University


What Are The Advantages Of Distant Learning Programs:

IT PROVIDES FLEXIBLE LEARNING: Distance learning provides a flexible education. The student can study as well as earn at the same time.  Student can make their career along with the education. The student can study at the time which suits him and the time that he finds comfortable to study.

DISTANCE LEARNING SAVES YOUR TIME: If a person is studying in a regular college, it takes a lot of time to go to the college, wait for the lectures, and waste times on the breaks and stand still on the heavy traffic. Distance learning program saves your time that you might have wasted and gives you ample of time to study.

STUDY WITH YOUR OWN CHOICE: In distance learning you can study the topics of your choice. You can study whatever you want to. Whereas if you go to college you have to study, the course goes as par the wish of the teacher.  In distance learning you have the freedom to complete your syllabus according to your choice.

AVAILABILITY OF THE STUDY MATERIAL AND THE STUDY FELLOW: The study material and your study fellow will be available to you 24X7. You can access the available material whenever you want and clear your doubts from your study fellow and the teacher.

IT SAVES YOUR MONEY: It saves your money as the distance learning programs are cheaper than the regular courses. At the same time the money spent in transportation is also saved.

CHOICE OF INSTITUTION: A student can choose his/her institute from the wide number of institution available.

INTERACTION WITH THE TEAM: A student gets the chance to interact with other people taking the same course of distant education. These students belong to different culture, different backgrounds and different community.

OPPORTUNITY FOR INDIAN WOMEN: This advantage is especially for Indian women who are not able to move out from their places for higher education because of the reason of their family, children, jobs. They can stay at their place and study without compromising with their priorities.

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