Automotive Stylist- The Offbeat Career

Are you getting attracted to the new models of cars coming out every year?  Those sleek, trendy and fine polished cars are tempting you to buy one for yourself? Ever wondered whose magic is it, that is producing so many good looking cars each year. The answer is the automotive stylist. It would be wrong to say that the scope of an automotive stylist is limited to cars only. They have a wide scope and in contemporary times, more and more people are getting attracted towards it and opting for it as a career option. Many are also becoming very successful in their endeavors and developed best cars which are appreciated round the world.

The basic qualifications that you need for continuing your passion start from school days itself are:

  1. You need to be very good in drawing and making sketches.
  2. You need to have a very good grip on physics, mathematics and chemistry. In short you should be from the science background.
  3. Communication is very important. Knowing English language is a must. Due to the fact that the automobile designing scope extends to international cities, knowledge of any foreign language is an added bonus.
  4. Basic computer training and ability to work on software like Word and Excel is also required.

There are three primary areas of designing an automobile. These three areas correspond to completely different fields. Thus you should make up your mind and choose which field you want to go to.

  1. Designing exteriors of the cars which include creating blueprints on the computer and turning them into miniature clay models.
  2. Interior designing includes the seating arrangements of the driver and the passengers inside the car, the placement of the accessories, the space provided inside the car and other such details. These plans are sketched on papers and then turned into replicas.
  3. Colour designers or trimmers do not actually build the models but decide on the materials to be used and other accessories to be added to the car to make it look visually appealing and attractive.

There are several degrees that one can acquire to be an automobile stylist. There are numerous colleges all over the world which attract hundreds of students each year. Moreover one needs to prepare a good portfolio as the competition in this field is very tough.

  1.  B.A. degree in Industrial Designing.
  2. B.A. degree in automobile engineering.
  3. B.A. and/or M.A. from automobile designing schools.
  4. B.A. in graphic, furniture, architecture, interior designing and M.A. in automotive designing.

The scope of automotive designers is increasing day by day. With many environmental concerns haunting the manufacturing and models of the cars new and innovative models are being thought off every day. If you are looking at the worldwide view, the world is in need of automobile stylists. It is an offbeat career, different from the conventional but a very respectable and reputable one. With a pay package which extends to more than few lac per year and in some cases per month. One should overlook this career opportunity as it is having the bright future for sure.

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