The Risks Of Taking Sleeping Pills & How To Part From It?

Every medicine has its side effects if consumed in more than acceptable amounts. Actually, sleeping medicine is one of the most addictive medicines around and many people become addicted to it just after having it. Mostly, people with insomnia are the ones who use sleep medicine the most. There are many side effects of taking sleeping pills and the most significant of them are:

Tolerance Build-up-

People easily build tolerance towards sleep. If taken for more than 7-10 days, addiction sets in and you will not be able to sleep without sleeping medicine. Having pills sometimes is fine, but having it all the time can create a big problem for you. So BEWARE!

Drowsy Driving-

Certain sleeping drugs stay in the system even after sleeping and impair with activities such as driving. So, you should avoid the use of this drug unless you have at least 8 hours of sleep.

Cancer & Death-

People who take prescription sleep medicine are at greater risk of getting cancer and death. Although this fact hasn’t been proven 100% right, still some cases have been found.

Dry Mouth and Change in Appetite-

Most sleeping pills make your mouth dry and sometimes also result in bad breath. You also might notice a change in appetite after some days of consuming sleeping pills.

Constipation and Diarrhea-

These drugs also cause constipation and Diarrhea which further cause a change in bowel movement, which might turn out to be ugly.

How to Stop?

If you are addicted to sleeping medicine, then stop it up completely before you fall into the well of disappointment. There are some steps which you can follow, if you actually want to part ways with your sleeping medication. But, before doing this, you have to be strict with these measures as then you won’t be able to stop this habit of ingesting medication. These steps are obvious and simple…

Do workouts- Hard work all the day or good exercise can provide you a good and natural sleep. Morning and evening walk, yoga, meditation, massage and everything else related to the same will make you better, remove all the stress and tension from your life and definitely make you fall in sleep.

Make up your mind- Make your mind up that you want to part ways with sleep medication, if you don’t convince yourself, then you won’t be able to get over the medicine.

Be relaxed-1 hour before going to sleep, relax yourself completely in bed, so that you feel better.

Take a bath or shower-Before going to sleep, take a cozy or warm bath as per the season, it will definitely help you feel relaxed.

Talk to your doctor- If still you are not getting good and natural sleep, then you really need the help of a doc. He will suggest some ways or therapies for you to get over your addiction.

Make sure that your room has a suitable darkness and avoid foods and beverages that contain high sugar content or caffeine. You should try to sleep whenever you feel drowsy, the more you try, the better results will be shown. So just step up and try out the above suggestions and you’ll be benefited for sure.

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