The benefits of yoga: You should Know How important it is for a healthy life

Everyone can achieve this goal by observing a spiritual way of life, which is characterized by moral restraint, ethical discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. The implementation of such a system of life will help a person to keep his physical strength in a balanced state and develop his mental and spiritual abilities. As the control over the body, feelings, and consciousness develop, and as the latent possibilities of the body and consciousness develop, the changes that occur in the life of the practitioner of yoga lead to psychological harmony, mental balance, and a positive attitude. Yoga is the science that gives methods to achieve such a state.

The physical basis of yoga consists of asanas, mudras, bandhi, Kriya, pranayama, as well as moral restrictions and observance of certain rules. These practices optimize the body and mind for spiritual advancement. Guru guidance and constant personal effort are necessary for the practice of yoga.

Properly executed yogic practices help to keep your body in proper shape, balance and improve your mental abilities. All this contributes to spiritual progress.

Physical benefits of Yoga

The practice of yoga has existed for centuries and has stood the test of time. It is optimal for the human body. Yogic practices allow the body to maintain flexibility and good shape, and to maintain its functions in an active state.

In matters of prevention of diseases and prolongation of life, yogic practices are incomparable in their results with other systems. Yoga is the best thing that a human genius has created. Yoga exercises create harmony and balance in all functional systems of the body through appropriate practices and strengthen every part of the body. They also allow you to develop full control over your physical and mental functions so that you can maintain good health throughout your life.

Benefits of Yoga, Yoga in INDIA, Yoga in Rishikesh

Benefits of Yoga, Yoga in INDIA, Yoga in Rishikesh

Even elderly people can stop the aging process because the decay of tissues slows down, and all the destructive actions of age are leveled. Weak vision, gray hair, loss of teeth, flabby muscles, wrinkled skin, stoop, reduced mobility of joints and other negative signs of aging are eliminated.

If you are adamant to carry out the practice of yoga needs concentration and understanding, then the result was already evident after a few weeks. Regular practice will strengthen your nervous, lymphatic systems, muscles and help to keep them in good condition. The chest muscles are strengthened and the Airways are cleared. Blood circulation improves, and its flow can be directed to any organ or gland without the unnecessary strain of the heart. Food will be absorbed better and its waste will be eliminated from the body faster. Internal organs and endocrine glands will work optimally. The spine will change its shape and become more flexible. The reproductive function will improve its performance.

Other physical benefits of practicing yoga in Rishikesh:

The body, as a result of the practice of yoga, acquires a proportional size, and there are a natural harmony and functional balance between the various organs, which leads to better health and well-being.

Yoga exercises strengthen the weak parts of the body without shortness of breath and rapid breathing, which accompany sports activities. They are particularly effective in strengthening the abdominal muscles.

The fixed muscles restore their elasticity. Joint mobility is also increased and recovered even in old age.

Involuntary muscles develop and are controlled by concentrated pressure on them. As well as it improves the activity of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

You can achieve conscious control over most of the Autonomous functions of the body, which cannot be done with other physical exercises. Minor structural and functional disorders can be corrected, and the harmonious development of the whole body is achieved through the practice of asanas. Weak abdominal muscles, back curve, bulging flabby hips, bent shoulders, the sunken chest can be corrected and their shape can be restored. The spine becomes straight and flexible. All parts of the body acquire a symmetrical position, which leads to improved posture.

Yoga helps to get rid of obesity, removing excess fat and distributing the remaining throughout the body in the correct proportion. Weight loss takes place through the implementation practice of postures.

  • Asanas help regulate weight. If your weight is below normal, it will increase, if higher – decrease.
  • Is shaped the right breath.
  • Blood pressure normalizes and more blood flows into more tissues.
  • Sleep improves.
  • Eye color becomes brighter, voice-deep, improves complexion. Waist becomes slender.
  • The excretion of undigested food residues will be more regular, and toxins accumulated in the body will be excreted easily without additional drugs.
  • You can get rid of the use of tranquilizers and stimulants with negative side effects.
  • Acting on the cause of malaise, you can avoid many psychosomatic disorders without the intervention of doctors and drugs.
  • A high level of endurance and resistance to diseases develops due to the proper functioning and high efficiency of internal organs, and the formation of the internal bodily mechanism of self-adjustment.
  • Even after long illness yoga practices accelerate the recovery process because they restore and retain energy and increase vitality.
  • Significantly increases the ability to tolerate heat and cold, to overcome pain and stress
  • Yoga teaches the art of relaxation. Fatigue, both muscular and mental, is eliminated. There is relaxation and increased adaptability.
  • All tensions: physical, mental, emotional gradually are eliminated; body, mind, and emotions function harmoniously until the most advanced age.

Spiritual achievement of yoga in INDIA

  • Through yoga practices, you can achieve benefits such as a higher level of awareness, mental calm, serene clarity.
  • Long practice allows you to achieve more control over emotions because the mind is gradually freed from the influence of feelings.
  • The practice of yoga helps to curb disorderly thoughts and increase the power of concentration.
  • Yoga, as a practical discipline, provides an opportunity to draw attention inside you, and as a result, the integration of personality is formed, and a new consciousness awakens. When the consciousness is turned inward and calmed, the feelings are controlled, the animal passions are restrained, the strong desire to satisfy them disappears, the temptations of the outside world cease to attract, and then there is a state of inner peace. Illusions disappear, and all your thoughts, words and deeds become meaningful and meaningful.

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