Swimming- Dual Role On Our Life (Health + Fun)

Swimming is not only fun, but a great exercise too. It is relaxing, stress buster and tones overall muscles of your body. Before you start swimming you have to make sure that you learn swimming under trainer supervision and environment is completely safe. Swimming is one exercise which tones every part and every muscle of your body as you have to use every muscle of your body to swim against in the water.

Swimming can be done by any age group and you can continue it till life time, though, if you are a beginner consult your doctor before you start, especially if you have not done any kind of exercise for a long time. The most common style of swimming is breast stroke, back stroke, side stroke and freestyle. From the beginning don’t stretch the time limit and start with a short interval and slowly-slowly you can extend it for a longer period.

Swimming allows exercise to all your body muscle thus keep your weight on check, your heart rate increases, it is healthy for your lungs and helps in achieving overall toned body. It can be done even in minor illness too,  but, make sure you don’t stretch for longer hours.

Water is denser than air means it puts more stress while doing exercise and burn more calories. Women face less stress, anger and depression after swimming exercise. It is good for people with arthritis as it puts less stress and friction on the muscles, thus it is less painful for them. Water can support up to 90% of body weight, thus, it is beneficial for people with disabilities too.

Swimming is a cardiovascular exercise and keeps your heart healthy and at the same time it gives leaner and longer muscles compared to shorter and denser muscles which you get by doing strength training. It is very good cross training technique too; players can do swimming after playing basketball, wrestling or any other workout and soothe their muscles.

Swimming has less friction compared to running as you will be able to do it for longer hours thus lose more calories without getting tired. Heated pool can relax your muscle and in summer it can cool you off. It can be even better if you find a natural water body like lake, ocean or river as it will be a fun to swim around nature and get exercise too. Swimming in front of other people in swimsuit would motivate you even more to have a well-toned body. Keep swimming!

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