Meditation- The Best Medicine Of Obtaining Happiness And Wellness Together

Meditation is one of the branches of age–old art of ancient Indian culture. It is a part of yoga and mainly focuses on improving your concentration power and enhances your mental strength.

How To Begin With It?            

To start meditation, first find a peaceful place, wear loose and comfortable clothes then sit comfortably in right posture on the ground or on any other flat surface. After this, close your eyes and try to focus on something that soothe your imagination, then try to concentrate on that picture, such as flowing river, god’s image or a smiling baby; anything which can bring solace and calm to your nerves then focus on that while concentrate on your breathing. Whatever thought comes to your mind, let them come and go; don’t stop them. After a while, you will realise that everything is getting stabilised and you will start to focus on only that picture that you are concentrating on.

What You’ll Feel?

Your heart will start to beat in a rhythm and your breathing will get slow but calm. Everything will get quite all around you until you can only hear your breath. With every single breath you will realise that your pulse and heart beat is getting rhythmic and you will feel stress free and you can focus more and more on your breathing.

What You’ll Get At The End?

Above suggestive action not only stimulates your breathing, but let your other vital organs also feel relaxed. Once you feel better; you should start doing it every day to calm yourself whenever you feel stressed, it will help to take your mind off the problem and your mind will be able to think more actively. This process if one understands fully his/her life will automatically become lighter and relaxed. Your approaches towards life and problems will automatically change and with a lovely smile you can cross any hurdles. It has been proved that meditation made the life of many and still making and those who use it regularly are happier than who don’t use it.

After meditation you can get good sleep, your appetite gets better and it improves your immune system. It helps in anger management, stress management and your overall daily activities which put stress on your mind.

When Can It Be Done?

Though meditation can be done anytime, but it is better to practise it early in the morning as the weather at that time normally remains very pleasant, quite and cool and it will make your routine more energetic as you will be able to plan your day well after feeling peaceful. Meditation not only calms your mind but also helps your nerves and heart beat normal that has its obvious benefits.

Meditation is a way of life; it becomes a habit that stimulates your body and mind. It connects you with your soul and ultimately you start to know you better. Meditation is spiritual in its nature, yet scientific in its application and effects. Use it as it will change your life for sure.

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