Insomnia Directly Linked To Diabetes And Obesity

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder whereby the affected person is unable to sleep or experienced disrupted sleep. This sleep disorder is quite common and could be caused by a large number of factors. But is it true that Insomnia directly linked to diabetes and obesity? Well, there is no medical proof suggesting the sleep disorder is an indicator that a person may have diabetes or be suffering from obesity or will do experience the medical problem in the future. Insomnia has been more closely linked to mental stress and the lack of proper muscle activity resulting in tiring the body. It’s always said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop so it’s important to keep your mind busy and work out your muscle which tires you resulting in improved sleep. Lack of burning body calories will usually result in the body being restless since you have an excessive amount of calories stored which are not being made use of resulting in lack of proper sleep due to hyper energy stored in the body tissue.

How to treat insomnia without medication?

Today treating medical problems without using medication is growing in demand since the medication have been identified to cause more medical complication over the long term perspective. It’s important that you understand there are many different approaches linked to treating certain medical problems a person may be experiencing. But to treat these problems you must spend time to first look deeply at your own problem and identify stimulator which may be causing the medical condition. This means you must learn to be your own doctor and observe, identify and counter the problems linked to the medical problem you are experiencing.

Reducing mental stress

Mental stress and worries are the number one causes of lack of sleep since 95% of insomnia cases as experienced for just a week of 10 days. This linked directly to stress and worried a person may be experiencing with regard to certain experiences in their life. This makes it important to understand that stress must be experienced in life and learning to deal with the stress is more important thus reducing the strain on the mind. Keeping yourself busy may be one important way of coping with mental stress, but research shows a person’s spouse, girlfriend or someone special in your life will play a huge role towards reducing stress.

Performing physical exercise, walking and jogging

Research also shows that most people suffering from insomnia live in cities and within confined spaces, thus resulting in reduced exercise of their body muscles. This makes it very important for people to find a suitable location to perform exercise and exert their body and muscles. Tiring the body muscles not only helps improve sleep due to tiredness but also helps manage weight and burn extra calories in the body. This constant burning of calories results in the reproduction of additional calories, which is very important for your body and improves both mental and physical health.

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