How To Fast Properly Without Affecting Your Body?

Fasting has become very popular in the past 2 decades. Many religions also include the practice of fasting to show respect and sacrifice. On the health part, everyone who wants to lose fat starts fasting, and if you do it right, you definitely might reduce your waistline. But that only will happen, if you do the thing properly, you just don’t stop eating, there is much more involved, and you should research before fasting.

Before Fasting- You should drink lots of water before you start fasting, it is very important to stay hydrated before and during the time you are fasting. You should try to avoid beverages and foods with high sugar content and caffeine. Another thing to stop taking in is tobacco, this can be hard for some people, but it is best to stop before the fast. Also, you should eat foods high in carbohydrates before starting to fast. The night before the fast, you should eat one big healthy meal, but be careful not to overeat and still keep on drinking plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

Throughout the Fast- You should try to take your mind away from food, by indulging in some activity (either mundane or religious). You also shouldn’t do any hard or vigorous work as this will waste the carbohydrates you have, but still, you should keep on doing some light exercises. If it is a non-religious fast, then you should keep on consuming negative calorie foods such as cucumber, parsley etc. so that you get some carbs inside. The most important thing to do is drink lots of water; you should drink much more water than you would normally.

Afterwards- When your fast is over, you shouldn’t eat heavy meals all at once. You should slowly get back to your usual routine while still keeping your figure in mind. You should drink lots of water to replace the electrolytes lost during the fast. But remember not to overeat, slowly get back to your usual eating routine as if you eat too much just after the fast…you will end up having a severe stomach ache. (PROVED SO BEWARE!)

But there are some precautions; if you feel very tired and drowsy you should drink lots of water and eat a proper small meal and then go to sleep. Also, fasting for 24 hours or more without eating anything is dangerous and not suggested. You should also opt to stay indoors along with someone as you never know when something bad happens. Do everything but in a correct manner…

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