Chomping Vitamin D Food? NO? You Better Need It

What is a level of Vitamin D in your body? Noticed? If you are not aware with the Vitamin D facets, then make a research now and overlook it. Because if your body is lacking to collect Vitamins then be ready to make an open invitation to issues like- joint pain, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis and other problems.

Vitamin D is the fat soluble secosteroids – play a significant role in the soaking up of major nutrients like – calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphate and zinc. There are two compounds of Vitamin which are vitamin D2 – also known as ergocalciferol and vitamin D3 can also be called – cholecalciferol. Need more details to retain your life Healthy and Wealthy? YES, then take a quick look on the affairs of why it is essential?

So You Think You Got Enough Knowledge About Vitamin D?

Chomping Vitamin D Food NO – You Better Need It

Chomping Vitamin D Food NO – You Better Need It

In common terms, Vitamin D nutrient needed for the good functioning of muscles, bones, heart, brain and overall body. They are needed for fighting against disease and it doesn’t demand any sacrifices. They are important in stimulating our immune system and moreover make a great-string-attached with our lifestyle. Vitamin D helps to oversee the calcium in the blood, growth and functioning of bones, proper functioning of the gut and proper communication between the cells.  Even though it is so powerful, which have anti cancer effects.  Also, they are needed for brain development, are very important for the healthy heart and its circulation. Other than that, they also responsible for a healthy respiratory system. Comprehensively, it’s a very important nutrition that the body needs.

Athletic Performance And Vitamin D – How Is Vitamin D Important Here?

Undoubtedly some may know, for bone’s strength we often need Vitamin D. Calcium absorption is supported by vitamin D. Athletic performance principally needs the bone health and strength. A good supplement of vitamin D will head to a better performance in sports and related activities. Most of the athletic games like- long jumps, high jump, running etc. need a robust muscles and bone’s strength, to get the same, original and the ideal power provider source is vitamin D. Vitamin D supplements or foods can be taken for an increased stamina and healthy bones.

How Do You Know, If You Have Vitamin D Deficiency?

The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are muscle weakness and bone pain. May be, Vitamin D deficiency can cause cancer, asthma in children, cardiovascular disease, and in older adults, it can cause cognitive impairment. There are numerous other causes of vitamin D deficiency that all must know, for instance – less or no exposure to sunlight, if you are a vegan because most of the food sources are either dairy products or animal sources. As we age, Kidney unable to convert vitamin D to its active form which may lead to vitamin deficiency.

Obesity is yet another risk factor because obese people contain limited vitamin D in the blood. Darker skin can also cause vitamin D deficiency because dark skin will have melanin content which reduces the ability to synthesize vitamin D from the sun. There are other symptoms of vitamin deficiency like sweaty head, problems in the gut, kidney. So if the symptoms persist or worsen get the help soon.

 Rickets is caused by vitamin D deficiency; people with this disease have weak bone and muscles and other symptoms also found in them. In adults, vitamin D deficiency causes osteomalacia so it’s always better to find the deficiency at the earliest to curb this deficiency.

Vitamin D~ The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D can be absorbed through the skin from the sunlight, especially the compound cholecalciferol. It is synthesized from cholesterol when skin gets adequate sun exposure. Basking the sun is a major source of vitamin D and the best way to get adequate great amount of vitamin.


Nutrition- Sources Of Vitamin D


We get the nutrition from Sunlight which is a major source other than food or supplements. The sunlight is processed as vitamin D. A good exposure to sunlight is sufficient for getting the required vitamin D. They are also found in dietary sources. The source of vitamin D2 is mushroom varieties, and an alfalfa plant. The source of vitamin D3 are found many like – lichen, fish liver oil like cod liver oil, fatty species of fish provide vitamin like salmon, sardines, catfish, eel, mackerel and tuna, other foods are egg, and beef liver. In few of the countries, the foods are artificially fortified with vitamin D.


If you are a vegan or reside in a place with less exposure to sunlight or don’t have access to vitamin D rich food, then vitamin supplements are the best source of Vitamin D. For this, Vitamin D pills are available online or in physical source that are made out of fish oil or other source of vitamin D. Right amount of Vitamin D will do wonders to the body and you will be able to save you and family from numerous deficiencies.

Vitamin D tablets are available, which when taken according to the recommended dosage will be great for the body’s health. These tablets are branded without colors, flavors or preservatives. Other supplement forms available are soft gel, liquid, capsule etc. These are manufactured according to the standards and surely differ from children to adults.




Vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of many important nutrients. Though, it is very important for children to get this nutrition. As they are in the stage of growth, good bone and muscle strength is very important for further. Inadequate sun exposure, improper intake of vitamin D food and supplement will lead to disease like – rickets, or other nutrition deficient disease which are not mopped by the body due to the absence of vitamin D. And in adults and other age groups, it may cause heart disease, bone disease and many more diseases. Thus, Vitamin D is a very important source for the body and its need to maintain overall body’s health is essential. So, for better lifestyle have it and live life perfectly GREAT!

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