Chocolates- How Robust And Rude They Are?

A foodstuff in the form of a solid block or paste made from cocoa seeds that are roasted and grounded, usually sweet and mouthwatering. Actually that sentence itself sounds mouthwatering and irresistible; I mean who hadn’t tasted chocolate, and who doesn’t love it. But chocolate isn’t just tasty, it also has many health benefits. Chocolate can be founded in different flavors, milk, white, dark, semi-sweet etc. all of which have their own nutritional and taste facts.

Chocolates have faced a lot of criticism and controversies. Many people defend chocolate eating because it has many good nutritional facts and has come to be known as the ‘Food for the Soul’. On the other hand, many people have criticized chocolate and called it junk food, saying it should be avoided. Here we will talk about Dark chocolates which are much beneficial than its sibling- lighter in color.

A Better Side Of Chocolate:

But it isn’t all bad; chocolate has been known to cure high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome and also stress. Aside this, have a full list of its advantages:

  • For heart it is a boon. Via report of latest research it has found that chocolates contain cardiovascular benefits which make your heart healthier in compare to those who don’t eat it.
  • Chocolate produces anti-oxidants in the body, which prevents premature aging.
  • It is the best thing in promoting better food digestion.
  • KINDLY NOTE DOWN- the biggest health fact is that it helps to prevent cancer, not in a direct way but it slows down the dying of cells, which lead to tumor formation.
  • Chocolate also has a compound called Flavanol, which prevents artery clogs, and also prevents sun burn to some extent.
  • Chocolates- of any sort, really help a lot in making your mood. Research showed, if you are depressed or in problem- eat chocolate and you will feel lighter. Though, it doesn’t mean your problems will be solved J but you’ll feel good after having the same.
  • Even chocolates, if eating in a limit can help us in losing weight too. Surprised? But seriously it is true. Dark chocolates protect and diminish our desire to add more sweets, salt, and other fatty foods to our meal.

Now let’s move to another side, apart all these incredible pros, chocolate is also known as a dreadful health villain, which leads to many health problems and defects after some time, especially if consumed in large quantities or above the recommended safe level. Have a look:

Negative Facets Of Chocolates:

Even though resisting yourself from chocolate isn’t easy, you are supposed to eat only some bites, or ‘a’ bite depending on the flavor of the chocolate you are consuming. Even if your chocolate is low in calories and fats, it still has lots of oils that will transfer fat to your heart. Dark chocolate has the most quantity of calories and fats and this leads to many things like- heart diseases, obesity etc. If consumed in large quantities, especially dark chocolate will result in dilation of blood vessels in the brain. And dark chocolate is known to be highly addictive due to large quantities of caffeine, cocoa etc. And it is highly recommended to not consume dark chocolate if you have active and reoccurring herpes infection.


It’s time to read up a conclusion based on the above facts and that is- Chocolates can be bad/good for your health. Being a Chocolate lover you should know that and should control the amount of sweetness you are consuming. On the good side, cocoa has beneficial bacteria that prevents tooth cavity, and on the bad side, the sugars added in production lead to tooth decay. So, you are supposed to control your crave for chocolate and take wise steps towards chocolate eating. Eat in limit and stay healthy forever J

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