Without ATM Card Withdraw Money From ATM: How?

As day by day increasing the bank holders in the country, in the same way and may be pretty fastest speed, it is increasing to use ATM Card and Machine by these holders. As we all know, ATM card provides us the freedom and easiness to take up money, deposited in our account anytime from anywhere easily, but what if, you forgot your ATM card at home and you are an urgent need of money? But, just think, what if, without using ATM card, still you can withdraw your money using ATM machine? Surely, you’ll glad and thanks to the bank and technology, RIGHT? To clear your path, this mechanism has been launched by most of the banks and now don’t need to carry your ATM with you all the time to withdraw money from ATM Machine.

What’s The Process?

Register Yourself In The Bank

In order to use this service, you must need to visit your bank and register yourself. Even, by using net banking, one can also register with the bank. To clear your confusion, you can also call directly to the bank customer care office and know more about the process to register.

Get 4 Digit MPin

Once users get registered with the bank, they’ll receive 4 digit MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number). This pin is more likely as ATM pin and one can also use the same as User Transaction Security Pin or Authority Code.

Download Mobile Application

After registration, you need to download an application associated with your bank. Bank also giving SMS option to the users and with the use of the same, bank will send a web link to your mobile device.

5000 Rupees Limit

With the use of MPIN, one can only withdraw up to 5000 rupees per day, which is the maximum withdraw limit. And to transfer money with the use of IMPS the limit will exceed to 30,000 rupees. Right now the limit is- Rs 4000 to withdraw and 20,000 to transfer the amount.

For more information about this, must visit and consult with your nearest branch.

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