Tag Of “WORST PRESIDENT” Goes To Obama – WWII, Poll

A recent shocking USA poll shows Americans think President Obama is the worst President among various – Countdown begins since World War II. Poll was taken by the Independent Quinnipiac University, said- On Wednesday the survey has taken place and from the list of 12 presidents by 33 percent of poll, Obama gone at the bottom, and with 28 percent of poll second bottom place goes to George Bush.

35 percent think, U.S former president Ronald Reagan, was the best president since World War II and followed by Bill Clinton (18 percent), served the nation in the 1990’s.

For 69 years in America, 12 presidencies have served the US till now and President Barack Obama finds his position with W. Bush at the bottom, reported by Tim Mallon, Assistant Director Of Quinnipiac University’s Polling Unit.

After doing wide varieties of recent surveys on Barack Obama, the results have shown weak popularity barrel. Yes, of course, Obama was the one who was re-elected in 2012 over his closest competitor Mitt Romney of Republican party. That popularity now comes down and now 38-45 percent thinks it would be better if Romney won the elections. This surely looks shocking to see how the Obama’s popularity gone down and Romney is now considered the first choice for the chair of the Presidency.

Why Not Obama?

Solid reasons which are in the air for negative grades of Obama are- unsatisfactory and weak performance in handling the economy, health care, terrorism, foreign policy and few other associated affairs. On a contrary of positive side- Barack Obama got a considerably higher rating on handling Environmental issues.

In the survey, few facets come out – one was, Obama has taken a pretty big step to maintain foreign policy and to get good profit for the society, but the way he handled the same or from weak policy he has lost by 10 percent of the points. He could play great, but now he is not so strong.

On the poll, President said, he will move ahead with some great and innovative actions to deal with all the issues especially immigration reforms. Moreover, Obama trying hard to mold up the poll numbers and make them his strengths.

As per the recent wordings of Obama, “Sue me for what I did, but I am not going to apologize for trying to do something.”  Earlier, Obama was considered the strongest President in terms with political issues, but with the recent turbulence in Iraq seems native of US are going to be Judgmental and taking away the confidence in Obama’s leadership, reported by Analyst John Fortier. On the ground problems, created huge problems for Obama too, which he really needs to setback with the good and great policies.

In some ways, Experts say, there is a huge chance for Republicans of gaining support as well as seats with the majority this year.

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