India’s WhatsApp Users Surprisingly Cross 70 Million

Neeraj Arora- A vice-president with WhatsApp, said at the fifth annual INK Conference, Mumbai that from India alone 70 million of active users using the same app which is over a tenth of its global users. With this report, it clearly shows that India is having one of the biggest and healthy markets for WhatsApp. Even, collecting the optimum amount of user base from India and Brazil is the prime aim of the company to raise its market and popularity.

Mr. Arora also said Whatsapp will hold up a distinct identity even after the takeover by the Facebook and are not planning to get merged with any other social networking giant. He also said, surprisingly, WhatsApp user base has doubled from 30 million to 600 million since he joined the company 3 years ago.

Right now, only 80 employees are handling WhatsApp and will be surely benefited through learning from a social networking giant. Also the founder’s aim is seeing about to be achieved as they thought to have a cool product which would be used by millions of users easily and casually to be connected always with family and friends without involving any business things. And we people are seeing the same results thought by WhatsApp… Isn’t?

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